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Rigid Truck


Lessons are usually 2 hours in duration.
2 hour lesson = €150
1 hour lesson = €100
Use of CPC only = €100
1 hour pre-test plus the hire of truck for test-with no CPC = €200
1 hour pre-test plus the hire of truck for test-CPC = €250
Package: 5 x 2 hour lessons-1 hour pre-test-Hire of truck for test-CPC = €950 (saving of €50)

Rigid Lessons

Get your Rigid Truck Driving lessons Here:

* Initial Assessment to allow us to tailor the truck driving lessons to your ability
* Structured lesson plan
* Quality one to one tuition with qualified driving instructors
* We cover all possible test routes for your test
* Pre-tests are included in the package to increase your chances of passing first time
* Hire of Truck to sit your driving test
For quality truck (artic or rigid) lessons call today. At South West School of Motoring, we will prepare you to take your Category C Driving test. Book lessons with us today and increase your chances of passing your test first time.

We offer customers both Rigid and Arctic Lessons:

* Rigid Truck - Scania truck
* Arctic Truck - DAF CF truck

South West School of Motoring Truck Driving Lessons Service

To commence lessons you need to sit and pass your theory test to obtain your learner's permit. For more information on the learner permit check out the NDLS website. Once you are in possession of this permit, you can begin preparing for the driving test and also complete the CPC Driver Theory Test. If you intend to drive a truck (Category C license) you will need to go through a two stage Theory Test process before you can apply to sit a Truck Driving Practical Test:

Stage 1- Category C (Truck) Driver Theory Test:

You must pass the Category C (Truck) Driver Theory Test before you can apply to a National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) for a Category C Learner Permit.

Stage 2 – CPC Test:

From 10th September 2009 all new professional Truck drivers must pass the Driver CPC theory test before applying for a driving test. You must pass the Driver CPC Theory Test, before you can apply to the Road Safety Authority for a Truck Driving Test - www.theorytest.ie.